If you ever want free, small, rechargeable lithium cells, collect some of those disposable e cigarettes. Bonus: you keep this nasty stuff out of landfills! Tell your friends and fam not to buy these things! Terrible e-waste

"Banks use their clients’ deposits to make loans, and since 2015 global banks have lent at least $4.6 trillion to fossil fuel companies. That’s why choosing a bank can be one of the most consequential environmental decisions to make"

@Nezchan Maybe could pipe or dig a little channel to take the water further away?

Given the production values, I’m assuming they’re VC-funded but, regardless, @charm are doing some really interesting work in command-line apps via ssh (and all their stuff is open source).

Take the VC/corporate focus away for a second and their approach is actually very similar to that of the small web (ar.al/2020/08/07/what-is-the-s), only on the command-line and with ssh.

Lots to learn from their approach for making traditionally complicated things easier to use.



You can create your own Mastodon server even without technical knowledge 🐘

There are companies that provide Managed Hosting, where you pay a monthly fee and they do all the technical stuff including hosting, installation and updates.

You own and run the server, they do the tech stuff behind the scenes.

The best managed hosting companies for Mastodon are probably masto.host and federation.spacebear.ee

It's not just Mastodon either, there are lots of Fediverse platforms and other online services available through managed hosting. Try visiting growyourown.services for more options (or follow them at @homegrown).

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #ManagedHosting

This is so annoying since they are just refusing to pass on a free service, which they've been providing for years, to try to upsell instead.

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The hosting company I have been with for almost TWENTY YEARS has decided to start charging for SSL certs unless the domain it's for is hosted with them.

Anyone have experience hosting a ? I'm looking for a secure, private friends & family photo + posts sharing option. It looks like a pretty simple LAMP install which shouldn't be too hard to set up on shared hosting. Any general advice or suggestions? Will it be easy enough for less technical family members to participate in?

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📢New Paper 📢

The Forgotten Margins of AI Ethics arxiv.org/abs/2205.04221 with @ElayneRuane, @ThomasPML, Matthew Brown, @shengokai, @AnthoVentresque & @ProfDancy

We survey the current AI ethics landscape and conclude that most work in this space is shallow.


Do you have an ethical dilemma? Do you know anyone facing an ethical dilemma? Do you not have one right this second but do they come up from time to time? Are you considering changing your work for ethical reasons? I would like to talk to people about their ethical dilemmas, whether in their personal or professional lives. Please @ me if you are interested in talking! (boosts welcome)

This dental floss is REALLY GOOD. drtungs.com ... so tempted to tag this with hashtag floss but I didn't. I used to get that cinnamon fluffy floss until they stopped making it and this is like that but better.

New for May 2nd ethicalsystemsnerd.com/nerd-no This one is about 10 minutes long and is about John Scott Haldane.

"There is just one significant flaw in the tragedy [of the commons] parable. It does not accurately describe a commons. Hardin's fictional scenario sets forth a system that has no boundaries around the pasture, no rules for managing it, no punishments for overuse and no distinct community of users. But that is not a commons. ... A commons requires that there be a community willing to act as a conscientious steward of a resource"

-- "Think like a Commoner"

@cboettig Cool! And feel free to delete this account (unless you want to keep both). There are also ways to migrate account content if you decide to switch servers again at some time in future.

Check out Alfie Kohn's The Myth of the Spoiled Child for the contemporary version of this same conversation. alfiekohn.org/myth-spoiled-chi

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